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STEM for Australia,Engineering%20and%20Mathematics%20in%20Australia.

STEM for Britain

B.S. in Mathematics: IIT Bombay program:

Note that the admission is through IITJEE Advanced only.

Nalin Pithwa.

Fourier Transformation in Data Science

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Fourier Transform in AI

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an outlier

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John Conway, Simons Foundation, Science Lives, Mathematics, Mathematicians

via John Conway, Simons Foundation, Science Lives, Mathematics, Mathematicians

Way to go : MIT’s PRIMES — 2020 !!!

You and your research ( You and your studies) : By Richard Hamming, AT and T, Bell Labs mathematician;

Although the title is grand (and quite aptly so)…the reality is that it can be applied to serious studies for IITJEE entrance, CMI entrance, highly competitive math olympiads, and also competitive coding contests…in fact, to various aspects of student life and various professional lifes…

Please read the whole article…apply it wholly or partially…modified or unmodified to your studies/research/profession…these are broad principles of success…


101 Careers in Mathematics: Andrew Sterrett, MAA publication

Shared by Nalin Pithwa — for spreading awareness in India also about career opportunities in maths/mathematics