Some thoughts on teaching

If you learn you teach, but if you teach you learn. (Bertrand Russell) Teaching is like gardening. To teach is to teach to learn to think deep. To teach is to uncover a subject or rediscover a subject rather than to finish the syllabus. To teach is to prepare for the uncertain future. To teach is to gradually emerge the potential and motivation of the student. To teach is to impart a love for lifelong learning of the subject. To teach is to impart intellectual clarity. Passion is the key. To teach is to assume that the students are bright, hard working and motivated. To teach is to Kindle curiosity. In my mother tongue it is said the following are the pillars of teaching : prayatna ( to try ), protsahan ( to encourage ), prashansha ( to praise), and pralobhan ( some fantastic tangible motivation). In education, there is a wise quote : we go from the known to the unknown. From darkness to the light of knowledge. Knowledge means understanding not rote memorization of the subject. …To teach is to teach the art of problem solving.


Nalin Pithwa

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