Skill Check VIII: IITJEE Foundation Math

I. Find the prime factorization of the following numbers: (a) 420 (b) 995 (c) 1224 (d) 8712

II. Find the HCF or GCD of the following numbers : (a) 170 and 340 (b) 3535, 9191 and 9896 (c) 1064, 4560, and 3004 (d) 80010, 71160, 62100 and 11520.

III. Find the LCM of the following numbers: (i) 56, 84, and 77 (ii) 495, 990, and 1962 (iii) 1674, 1716, and 2532 (iv) 5220, 1860, 3870, and 2034

IV. Find the greatest 5-digit number that is exactly divisible by 135, 225, and 405.

V. The length, breadth and length of a room are 1750 cm, 7050 cm, and 4025 cm respectively. Find the length of the longest tape which can measure the three dimensions of the room exactly.

VI. Two buses start off together from the terminal at 6 am on different routes. A round trip by one bus takes 36 minutes while the other bus takes 48 minutes. If the buses keep making round trips without stopping at all, how many times will their drivers meet at the terminus till they stop work at 6 pm ?


Nalin Pithwa

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