People’s Pets

Consider the following:

  1. Five men each have different first names and different surnames, have five different pets and live at five different addresses. All five pets have a different name.
  2. Tom’s surname is Williams and the fish is not  called Spike, Benson or Rodney.
  3. Harry has a pet cat and the budgie is called Percy.
  4. George’s surname is not Hudson or Smith.
  5. Mr. Thompson owns the dog and the owner of the rabbit lives in Pine Avenue.
  6. The cat is not called Benson and one of the five men has a pet called Fred.
  7. Mr. Anderson does not live in Cedar Road.
  8. Mr. Hudson lives in Willow Street.
  9. Mr. Anderson owns a pet called Percy and John lives in Cedar Road.
  10. Bill’s pet is called Rodney and is not  the dog; the owner of the fish lives in Maple Grove.

So, who lives in Chestnut Crescent and what is the name of their pet?

-Nalin Pithwa.

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