Age Old Question

Neil is younger than Matthew. Barry is older than Robert and Dave. Dave is older than Joe who is younger than John and Philip. Arthur is older than Paul who is older than Matthew. Robert is older than Dave. Martin is older than Simon. George is older than Simon but younger than Martin. Bill is older than Jimmy and Tom, but younger than Harry. Harry is also older than Tom. Tom is older than Arthur, Dave and Eddie but younger than Jimmy. Keith is older than Barry. Neil is younger than Kevin and older than Frank. Paul is older than Frank. Simon is older than Ian. Ian is older than Neil and Collin. Collin is older than John but younger than Eddie. Kevin is older than Martin and Michael.

John is younger than Michael. Keith and Dave are younger than John. Philip is older than Keith. Jimmy and Bill are younger than Leonard. Harry is older than Leonard. Michael and John are younger than Philip. Philip is older than Barry. Arthur is older than Neil. Frank and Colin are older than Bill. John is older than Robert. Robert is younger than Philip who is older than Dave. Arthur is also older than Dave. Kevin and Colin are younger than Jimmy. Leonard is older than Kevin who is younger than Bill. Ian is also younger than Bill. Tom is older than Paul, Simon and Matthew. Fred is also older than Simon and Matthew.

George is younger than Tom and Fred. Kevin is older than Fred and Colin. Colin is older than Arthur and Frank. Arthur is older than Philip. Philip is younger than Colin. Arthur, Frank and Fred are older than John. Eddie is older than Kevin and George. Colin is older than Michael. Philip and John are younger than Frank. Harry is older than Kevin. Barry is younger than John. Ian is younger than Kevin. Tom is older than Philip. Martin and Arthur are younger than Fred.

Using the information given above, list all of the people mentioned in order of age, oldest first.


Nalin Pithwa.

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