Mathematics that Swings: The Math Behind Golf

Mathematics that Swings: the Math Behind Golf, by Douglas N. Arnold, Professor of Mathematics, University of Minnesota: 

The Mathematical Association of America, Distinguished Lecture Series:

Math is everywhere. Some time back, I had written smallish blog article(s) on stuff like math in our taste buds, math in hearing, etc. If you aspire to become an ace pure or applied mathematician, or even a very good engineer, it helps to see math (and/or physics) everywhere; this will help you to “churn”. Some body had asked Newton the secret behind his success, Newton had said:” I constantly keep the subject before me, and wait till the dawnings emerge into a full and clear light.” Gauss, had also, said, “I just think constantly about math.”

Thanks to Dr. Douglas N. Arnold, and of course, the Mathematical Association of America.

Nalin Pithwa.

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