Probability: conceptual questions for IITJEE Math

Try to propose the set of outcomes and the measures in the following situations. (There is no such thing as one correct solution in these set of problems):

  1. A drawing pin is tossed.
  2. A coin is tossed twice.
  3. A die is rolled. What about two dice?
  4. A die and a coin are thrown simultaneously.
  5. A mug falls down from the table. (luckily, an empty one).
  6. From a pack of 52 cards, we draw 2.
  7. A pack of six numbered cards is shuffled and the numbers are revealed one by one.
  8. We play a series of chess games. The winner is the one who first scores three points, where one point is obtained for a single win and draws do not come.
  9. We keep throwing a coin until it lands heads up.
  10. The temperature outdoors is measured.
  11. How long shall we wait for a bus at a stop?
  12. How many days does a letter posted in Mumbai take to reach Bangalore?
  13. What is the number of misprints on a page of your math text book?
  14. How many road accidents happened today in your city?
  15. What time does your watch show now?

You are most welcome to share your solutions with explanations.

I will supply hints in a later blog,

Nalin Pithwa

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