Improve memory power —some views of human supercomputer Shakuntala Devi

Ref: Super Memory: it can be yours: Shakuntala Devi

Memory power is  an instant recall of facts or figures, physical/concrete or abstract.

Negative emotions like self-pity, fear, anxiety, depression, jealousy or any extreme emotional state of minds impair memory power, concentration power and retention powers. Make a conscious effort to weed out negative thoughts from your mind, to send it positive, harmonious messages. The great sage, Paramahansa Yogananda, asks us to remind outselves every day: “I am a prince(ss) of peace, sitting on the throne of poise, directing my kingdom of activity.” Memorize this sentence. Say it to yourself when you awaken each morning. Repeat it to yourself whenever you find yourself in a situation that threatens upon your mental equilibrium. Gradually, you will find that you maintain your cool more naturally under such circumstances or “exams of life”.

*** The development of memory power or concentration or retention power is gradual. A relaxed mind is necessary. So, do not start hammering yourself in your head or start cursing yourself that I still do not have super memory or  I still forget !! It is closely linked to your aim of life — and that is a big topic by itself —- do you have an aim of life — something you can put in one sentence; and gently repeat this aim of life to yourself several times a day. Then, you will develop an inner focus.

Shakuntala Devi had also advised not to go bed watching “Baywatch” daily in the night. It also means that digital video games, mobile games. even surfing the internet, cinema, play stations, TV serials, Bollywood dances/music/songs will bring down your energy and concentration levels. Put a curb on such garbage like activities !!!

A diet of nuts is very helpful for increasing/maintaining  memory power. Especially, almonds soaked in water overnight; baked salmon (rich in omega-3’s) or Sea Cod or Seven Seas; in India, in ayurvedic medical shops, you can buy “Shankhpushpi”, “Brahmi”, “Memorin Caps”. Or a course of vitamin B complexes.

Regular light exercise or outdoor games will work wonders by increasing endorphins, chemicals which create a positive outlook in life.

Also, you can have a hobby like drawing cartoons, or painting or playing  a musical instrument — something in which you are rapt, absorbed so that your conscious mind gets rest from intense intellectual pursuit and the subconscious mind takes over to finish the challenging Math/Phy/Chem/IITJEE/RMO/INMO problem. This will make your mind get compound benefits or your gains will multiply manifold like you will get 1+1=11

But, do maintain a “gross time table”. Sleep at a scheduled hour. Get up  at a scheduled hour. Min sleep 6+ hours a day. Lunch and dine on time.

Practise Anulom-Vilom daily twice or thrice a day for 3-4 min each. The regular practice of meditation makes us effective and efficient.

(I know all this is age old wisdom…)

More later,

Nalin Pithwa


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