A list of famous mathematicians and some career possibilities in math

Note: As put forth by Prof. Ian Stewart in his Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities

All the people listed below — except one — either started a degree (or joint degree) in mathematics, or studied under famous mathematicians, or were professional mathematicians in their other life. What are they famous for? Which person does not belong to the list?

Pierre Boulez

Sergey Brin

Lewis Carroll

J. M. Coetzee

Alberto Fujimori

Art Garfunkel

Philip Grass

Teri Hatcher

Edmund Husserl

Michael Jordan

Theodore Kaczzyski

John Maynard Keynes

Carole King

Emanuel Lasker

J P Morgan

Larry Niven

Alexander Solzhhenitsyn

Bram Stoker

Leon Trotsky

Eamon de Valera

Carol Vorderman

Virginia Wade

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Sir Christopher Wren

Also, check whether all of them did just pure math or applied math? If they worked as applied mathematicians, you too can choose pure math as a professional career. Digressing:

We are living in a world immersed in science and technology — we use mathematical ideas or inventions based on mathematical concepts — like bar codes; cellular telephony; secure communications (to secure digital financial transactions); fuzzy logic in washing machines and refrigerators; weather prediction; design of airplanes/aircrafts and cars, etc. If you wish, you can google these words/applications, and find out what type of math they need or use.

More later,

Nalin Pithwa

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