Learn music to be better at mathematics !

Music soothes the soul. Music calms the soul. Albert Einstein used to play the violin. John Nash, Jr. used to listen to classical western music, and would whistle Bach even while churning Math in his head. More importantly, music lets the subconscious mind free to work on the intense math or even advanced programming or engineering problems that one is working on.

I just read in yesterday’s newspaper, The Hindu (print version) (an article by Allan Moses Rodricks) that the following are the benefits of learning music:

  • sharpens the brain
  • boosts memory
  • enhances skills
  • builds discipline
  • social interaction
  • boosts self-esteem
  • cultural exchange
  • betters language
  • enhances creativity
  • betters expression

To the above, I may add, it is catharsis or stress-buster. Once Einstein had made some mistake — the story goes that he played his violin for several hours and relieved and rejuvenated himself. I do not play any musical instrument, but like to be able to appreciate western classical music. Or, just hear some Indian musical instrument. Like mathematical training, musical training should be given from a young age…


Nalin Pithwa

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