Purpose of this blog and references I used

The purpose of this blog is to present some lecture notes freely to aspirants/students of IITJEE Main and Advanced and RMO and INMO (conducted by TIFR and Homi Bhabha Center). I have found that putting lecture notes as blogs helps students revise on their own later as per their convenient time and mood. I am only a coach/mentor/tutor/teacher/guide for these exams and do not claim any glory/credit as a real mathematician, whose books/literature I use to prepare my lecture material.

I myself continue to read/study/learn mathematics from classics and other books available from Amazon India. The publishers I like are Dover Books, Springer India/international, Hindustan Book Agency and MAA and AMS.

To prepare my lectures, I use several references, old and recent, and some of which I have used are given below:

a) For Number Theory: I like to give a tangible feeling/experimental/programming approach to basic Number Theory ( for this I use the book, “A Friendly Introduction to Number Theory” by Dr. Joseph Silverman. For example, in this blog, I have reproduced “Pythagorean Triples”, “Pythagorean Triples on Unit Circle” and a few other articles verbatim from this book. Dr. Joseph Silverman is a giant mathematician, whose other books on elliptic curves I use to learn/implement cryptography codes.

I thank Mr. Nigel Childs for pointing out my error in not acknowledging this earlier. Elsewhere, in my blogs/Lectures I have acknowledged the sources, and sometimes I have forgotten (Sorry!!).

b) For Number Theory : other references I have used for these blog articles are as follows: Elementary Number Theory by David Burton and some books of Prof Titu Andreescu.

c) For Fun with Mathematics: I have used Prof Ian Stewart’s book(s). I also plan to use Martin Gardner’s literature.

d) For Calculus based articles: I have used the book “Understanding Mathematics” by C. Musili et al.

e) For Combinatorics: I have used books of Laslzo Lavasz and Sharad Sane.

This also applies to my other blog https://madhavamathcompetition.wordpress.com


Nalin Pithwa


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