Alien Encounter: test your logic skills

Alien Encounter.

The starship Indefensible was in orbit around the planet Noncompostments, and Captain Quirk and Mr. Crock had beamed down to the surface.

“According to the Good Galaxy Guide, there are two species of intelligent aliens on this planet,” said Quirk.

“Correct, Captain —- Veracitous and Gibberish. They all speak Galaxic, and they can be distinguished by how they answer questions. The Veracitors reply truthfully, and the Gibberish always lie.’

‘But physically —‘

‘— they are indistinguishable, Captain.’

Quirk heard a sound, and turned to find three aliens creeping up on them. They looked identical.

‘Welcome to Noncomposimentis,’ said one of the aliens.

‘I thank you. My name is Quirk. Now, you are…’ Quirk paused. ‘No point in asking their names,’ he muttered. ‘For all we know, they will be wrong.’

‘That is logical, Captain,’ said Crock.

‘Because we are poor speakers of Galaxic,’ Quirk improvised, ‘I hope you will not mind if I call you Alfy, Betty and Gemma. As he spoke, he pointed to each of them in turn. Then, he turned to Crock and whispered, ‘Not that we know what sex they are, either.’

‘They are all hermandrofemigynes,’ said Crock.

‘Whatever. Now, Alfy: to which species does Betty belong?’


‘Ah, Betty: do Alfy and Gemma belong to different species?’


‘Right…Talkative lot, aren’t they? Um…Gemma: to which species does Betty belong?’


Quirk nodded knowledgeably.’Right, that’s settled it, then!’

‘Settled what, Captain?’

‘Which species each belongs to.’

‘I see. And those species are —?’

‘Haven’t the foggiest idea, Crock. You’re the one who’s supposed to be logical!’


So, dear students, have some fun!!

More later,

Nalin Pithwa




  1. Anubhav C. Singh
    Posted July 17, 2015 at 3:08 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Betty said Alfy and Gemma belong to the same species, but they both answered differently for the same question. Therefore, Betty must be a Gibberish. Alfy said just that, so it must be a Veracitor, while Gemma said on the contrary, therefore it is another Gibberish. As for their genders, I’m still wondering!

  2. Pradeep Selva
    Posted August 5, 2015 at 11:05 am | Permalink | Reply

    All three of them have different answers, so they cannot be of the same species. Hence betty lied. So, she is gibberish but gemma told that he is a verasitor which is a lie. Hence we have another gibberish, Gemma and finally Alfy has told the truth . Therefore Alfy is a veracitor.
    Alfy- Veracitor

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