The man and his math by Sangeetha Devi Dundoo

The Hindu, 22 March 2011.

“[Srinivasa Ramanujan] was a genius far ahead of his times and math was his creative expression of numbers and not his means to make money. His was an extraordinary, inspiring and emotional journey,” says film director Dev Benegal. The filmmaker is interviewed about a film he plans to make on the life of mathematician Ramanujan, who grew up in poverty in Kumbakonam, India. Benegal, who has been researching Ramanujan’s life for four years, says “the film will explore his life at an emotional level–the struggle of his parents, particularly his mother; Ramanujan’s relationship with his wife, which is one of the greatest love stories of our times; the sacrifices that the wife had to make which are unknown and unheard of; and the bond that Ramanujan and G.H. Hardy shared.”

I like to inspire budding young minds towards Math…of course, you can say that I am biased, but …some people need inspiration, others have intrinsic motivation…I will share more such stories with you all later…

More later…

Nalin Pithwa

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